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Welcome to Care and Healing!

Lets start with a little introduction! We, Derwent Pharmacy,a local business in Derby, England are aiming to provide the best prescription and other pharmaceutical services to the locals. Pop down to 26a North Street, when you are taking your daily morning walk at Darley Park as we are right next to it! We have a wide range of services we offer (NHS and Private) which you can find out about in the services section.

We attract a lot of customers because of our £1 and £2 section in the pharmacy where you can find a wide range of products for your daily self-care. We are the only ones providing professional mental health support in the area aiming to address the post-pandemic mental health effects.

To sum up, we have a LOT to offer to our city and look forward to bringing in the most easy experience to our customers that they can ever find!

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